Booster Straps

You can’t watch a World Cup event without seeing the distinctive flap of a Booster Strap waving from virtually every racer’s boot. Competitors from every continent have learned that using a Booster elasticized wrap at the boot cuff instead of an unforgiving Velcro strap smooths flex, increases rebound energy and improves turn precision. Park and pipe competitors use it to eliminate shin bang. Boosters help you do everything on skis with more control and consistency. Easy installation.



World Cup has three-ply strap and stiffening shunt for maximum response. Use with 130+ flex boots, heavier weight skiers. BOOST-WC

Expert/Race has three-ply strap. Use with 110-130 flex boots. BOOST-EXP

Intermediate has two-ply strap. Use with 80-110 flex boots.  BOOOST-REG

Junior has shorter length, two-ply strap tailored for smaller cuffs. For use with Junior boots only. BOOST-JR

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