Finish workouts, games, hikes, runs or long work shifts ache-free. 

Whatever you do on your feet, you’ll do it better and in more comfort with EZFit Intelligent Insoles in your shoes.

Stock up NOW and SAVE

Take advantage of our exclusive offer on EZ-Fit insoles. Mix and Match from the selection of EZ-Fit models and sizes.

Get 10% off when you buy 2 pairs

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Pedorthist-designed Auto-Adapt™ technology personalizes shape to custom fit your arch and heel and provide long-lasting performance.



Because of the construction, our insoles last 3x longer than the competition and deliver superior fit, comfort and performance.


Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products by offering a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee on all our Masterfit Insole products.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

EZFIT Ski and Snowboard Customizable Insoles


Happy Customers

"Wow! What a difference they make. These are the most comfortable and supportive insoles I’ve ever had in my sneakers. I’ve used them at the gym for workouts and running on pavement. They’re more springy and cushiony when running and I feel more stable when using gym equipment. Especially in the heel area. I’m sold."

Heather B.

Added new life to old ski boots! 5 STARS! I wanted to get one more year out of an old, but comfortable, pair of ski boots and these inserts may keep me going for another year. They fit easily into the boot and the fit was perfect, but I have average feet, but they are size 12. A great investment.


"I am using these inserts in my Nike shoes I wear for work and I’m super satisfied! Since I replaced the inserts with these my feet no longer feel fatigued. They feel very comfortable. It was easy to cut them to fit my shoes. Would recommend it."


"Superb product. Very comfortable shoe inserts with excellent arch support and very, very comfortable heel cushioning. Totally revitalizing internally an older pair of shoes upon which I had given up for foot comfort. Now they're among my favorite shoes to wear for long daily use."

Kevin R.

Quality inserts! Great product. Easy to trim to fit ski boots.

Easy quick ski boots upgrade. Definitely enjoyed the increased arch support and structure. Not sure if it is due to the new liners, but my boots feel warmer than they used to.

Comfortable and supportive. Will be great for my ski boots.

"The best insoles ever, I use them in my work boots. It's been a year and my feet haven't hurt yet."


"I was surprised at how great these feel. I have a high arch and very small feet. These fit in my shoes almost perfectly. The arch is exactly in the right spot and my feet are really comfortable when I walk. If you are on your feet a lot, then these may be for you.


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