Gear for your kids: Always a good year to buy or lease their ski gear.

Most kids’ skis are sold as systems, meaning they come with a specific binding. With the way kids grow, renting kids ski gear makes far more sense than purchasing. A seasonal rental is a good compromise and can cost under $200 for skis, boots and poles.

Children can seem to grow out of their equipment overnight – this is especially true when it comes to boots. Some shops recommend getting a boot a little larger especially if your child is in a growing phase. But be aware that if it’s fitted too big, children risk having zero control over the skis as their feet slide forward in the outsized shell.

It makes it difficult for children to put forward pressure on the front of the boot, which is essential for good skiing habits. It’s a good topic to discuss with the bootfitter and the best option is to switch it out mid-season if your kids feet grow and the boot becomes too tight. Comfort is key!

skids holding hands while skiing

Kids’ Binding Intel

As for bindings, most kids’ skis are systems, meaning they come with their own bindings. If buying a child’s binding à la carte, be sure it’s a junior binding designed to accept children’s norm boot soles. It will have a DIN scale of roughly 0.5 – 4.5. Junior bindings that work with both junior and adult soles usually have a DIN scale from 2 – 7.

Skis for Kids

When it comes to skis, shorter skis are the way to go for kids just learning how to ski. Go for a length that just reaches the chin. Shorter skis are easier to control and maneuver. Even if your child is on the tall side, consider a shorter length until he or she learn the necessary skills to control turning. Once skiing comfortably and in control, length can grow to nose height. By the time a child attains advanced ability, you’ll have a clear idea of his or her needs.

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