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April 8, 2020

What’s the difference between surgical masks and KN95 masks?

What’s the Difference Between Masks? Wearing ANY mask reduces major entry points for airborne illnesses through the nose or mouth. There are different kinds of face masks designed for different tasks. but wearing any mask reduces hand contact with the nose or mouth, the major entry points for the virus into the body. Our N95-type mask is the European CE-certified KN95. This mask style, when properly worn and sealed around the face, provides maximum filtration and protects the wearer from breathing in aerosolized COVID-19 virus droplets. It is about 3x as expensive as a Type II surgical mask. Many people find N95-type masks uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time as they trap heat, and impede breathing since the air is completely filtered through though its thick membrane. Our FDA Certified Type II mask is what many surgeons wear. It is lightweight and provides excellent protection through its triple filtration face barrier. It comfortably wraps around the nose, mouth and under the chin. Unlike a close-fitted KN95 mask, it is not designed to provide an air-tight seal. A Type II mask provides significantly greater virus filtration protection than a simple dust or particle mask, as well as homemade masks.…
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October 31, 2016

ZAPZ – Microwavable, Customable Insoles Make Me Feel Like I’m Walking on a Cloud!

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