Instaprint QF

The direct-mold insole solution for those seeking speed and easy fabrication. Instaprint QF eliminates the grind—and the glue—from making custom insoles. It goes from flat-to-finished in an industrybest build time of under 15 minutes. The process is easy to learn; training time is less than an hour. Get significant labor savings while broadening the range of staff who can sell insoles.

Blanks are formed with Capture™, a breakthrough low temperature thermoplastic with outstanding forming characteristics. Snow model for skiing, snowboarding and other fixed foot sports. Snow LV/Bike for low volume boots and cycling shoes. X-Sport for all gait activities.



instapring_qf_x_sport_heelPosting Option

Made from ultra strong and lightweight Kevlarinfused Formit™, Warm-n-Form AutoPosts enhance Instaprint QF insole stability and easily attach with no add-on adhesive. Heating the AutoPost turns it malleable and activates its inherent tackiness. Place it over the formed blank’s heel, massage, turn over and press it down on a level, hard surface. That’s it; posted insole complete!

IPQFPOST Three sizes. A fits XS/S; B fits M/L; C fits XL/XXL

Instaprint QF X-Sport

Improves performance, comfort and fit in all kinds of active footwear. It’s equally at home on the court, fairway, field, gym and at work. Instaprint QF X-Sport blanks are biomechanically-shaped to interface in footwear with no or minimal modifications after molding. The blanks use a multi-layer ¾-length Capture base with a full length 4mm EVA topcover lay-up for excellent cushioning and forming capability. Add Warmn- Form AutoPost™ heel stabilizer for improved support.



Instaprint QF Snow/LV Cycle

Designed for ski and snowboard boots, Instaprint QF Snow also works great in skates and other fixed foot sports footwear. The blanks are bio-mechanically-shaped to interface with no or minimal modifications after molding. A multi-layer full-length Capture base teams with a perforated, full-length 2mm EVA topcover to provide excellent cushioning and forming capability. Silicone impregnated for easy entry and exit from boots. Add Warm-n-Form AutoPost™ heel stabilizer for improved support.




quinstaprint_qf_snow_lv_heelLow Volume Option

For tight fitting footwear environments like race ski boots and cycle shoes. The QF SnowLV/Cycle is built on the same platform as the regular volume QF Snow. From the forefoot back they’re identical. Forefoot forward the Capture™ base has been halved; it’s just 1.2mm thick. That provides a bit more room in the toe box without sacrificing performance or cushioning.

ipqfsnowlv XS-XXL